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  1. AHD, TVI, CVI Video to HDMI Converter [3375-2]

    • AHD/TVI Auto recognize
    • No loss of real-time video transmission
    • Support 720P, 960P and 1080P AHD/TVI/CVI resolution
    • HD Video Loop Out (BNC)
    • Aluminium alloy case
    • Great for Single Channel HD Video spot out applications
    Regular Price €115.26 Special Price €107.12 €89.27
  2. HDMI Extender Over CAT5E/6 50M IR 1080P [3441]

    • 50M Cable Runs
    • RX & TX Pair
    • Wall Mount Design
    • 1080P Real-time
    • Reverse IR Control
    • Low Voltage 5V DC
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    €69.16 €57.63
  3. Hikvision TVI HD Convertor DS-1H33 [3542]

    • 1-ch HDTVI Input
    • 1-ch HDTVI loop Out 
    • 1-ch HDMI Output. 
    • Supports all the standards of HDTVI, including V2.0 video standard signal. 
    • Converts HDTVI video signal effectively.
    • Lossless and uncompressed transmission. 
    • Satisfies the requirements of working in high or low temperature.
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3 Items

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